Who is a community champion?

Developer community contribution is a complex topic. In a large enterprise, there are few folks whose day job is to be involved in activism around developer communities. While for smaller companies, it is directly related to the visibility and marketing, for larger companies to a certain extent its pure contribution back to the community. We are not talking about this sort of ivory tower community champions here.

Community Participation like Citizen Journalism

While for official community advocates, their day job is aligned with helping the community, for a regular developer it takes some extra effort. That does not mean that the developers contribution has any less value. In our opinion, any developer who is contributing a piece of artifact for the use of the community is a community champion. It can mean someone who is blogging on medium about the tips and tricks he/she has learnt. They may be answering a question on community portals. They may be submitting a piece of code which they have written in their own time or have approval of their employer to submit.
At roost we appreciate all community champions and our goal is to provide tools and platforms to enable them to do more.