Cloud version of Roost?

I love Roost Desktop and strongly recommend everyone to use it. Will there also be a cloud version of Roost.

Plugins support?

Can I write plugins to Roost?

Factory reset

what does factory reset do in roost?

roost worker to init

Wed May 5 20:52:12 PDT 2021: Started PID 8075 for Roost roost-worker Wed May 5 20:52:12 PDT 2021: Roost roost-worker is running {"src":"ZKE","Type":"info","detail":"roost-worker is created"} Wed May 5 20:52:28 PDT 2021: waiting for roost-worker to init... should I restart roost? how?

Roost community

How can I contribute back to the roost community.

Roost Desktop free forever?

will Roost desktop be free forever or is there a catch?

Container scanning on Roost!

What different container scanning frameworks Roost supports?

Container image and CVEs

How can Roost makes sure that container images do not have common vulnerabilities.

Certification of Roost Kubernertes Engine

is the kubernetes engine roost is using certified?

Container Runtimes on Roost

Which container runtimes Roost supports. I know it support docker but what if I want to use cri-o or containerd?

Learning Kubernetes using Roost

How easy it is to learn Kubernetes using Roost? I am new to the field and need a platform which can help me learn faster.

Service certification levels

at how many levels I can certify services?

How to restore roost?

My machine on which I was using Roost crashed. Is there a way to restore state?

What is the pre-requisite for installing Roost

What software do I need to have on machine to install Roost and what is the minimum and optimum machine configuration.

Roost vs Docker Desktop?

Can Roost Desktop replace Docker Desktop or do I still have to run docker desktop in parallel?